Still Here

May 12, 2018Posted by wickedxter



Still here everyone, been working on adding VIP and Alliance Tech bonuses to the simulator.

Update 0.3a

March 10, 2018Posted by wickedxter




  • Fixed an issuse that caused large scale battle to take really long time.
  • Worked on the zero damaged ships that would show in round 5 and 6
  • Worked on targeting.
  • Added in attack/armour/shield element bonus input area in the Tech tab.

When useing the bonus element input make sure they are as they read from the game. e.g 20.44 or 5.55 just leave off the %


February 23, 2018Posted by wickedxter



When testing large scale battles i've noticed rounds 5 and 6 will be zeroed losses but damage taken, so i've begun looking in to that. I do know that it could be possible if each ship had been damaged but not destroyed.

With large scale battles it takes about 6min and depends on the computer or mobile device.

Releaseing 0.3a

February 16, 2018Posted by wickedxter



I'm releaseing a new version that adds support and fixes a few things.


  • EMP of Gigantes
  • Planet Defence - works has limited targeting. (Randomly)
  • Cruise Missle weapon - works
  • Divine Star Ship - works as attended
  • Constantine is working correctly
  • Miner, LG/SM transports, Observer, kracken - now work
  • Attacker plasma tech input wasnt working, now is fixed.


February 11, 2018Posted by wickedxter



Figure I would update anyone whom cares on where things are at. Im currently working on the EMP, Planet Defence, Cruise Missile weapon.

Also i found and fixed a bug that can cause the sim. to fail in generating the report.

Welcome to Ucraft Battle Sim

February 5, 2018Posted by wickedxter



Welcome fellow players. This simulator is coded in javascript and is a work in progress. Their are a few things that currently don't work as of yet. The simulator is not 100% to game but used to get a general idea of ships would need.


  • EMP of Gigantes
  • Planet Defence
  • Cruise Missle weapon
  • Divine Star Ship
  •  Constantine is working but with its Cruise Missile weapon best not to use right now
  • Miner, LG/SM transports, Observer, kracken
  • Feild for element bonus stats.